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We have an excellent range of high-quality spectacle frames at a range of prices and offer a wide range of styles. We are pleased to be able to offer frames from designers such as Furla, Face A Face, Woow and many more.

Our Bollé range is particularly popular for sport - available on prescription and non-prescription.

We offer frames at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets.



Spectacle Lenses


Spectacles Essilor


anti-glare lenses

Anti-glare Lenses

This coating is very good for drivers, V.D.U. users or those who just want the lenses to look good. This coating reduces the reflections that would normally come off uncoated lenses.


high index lenses

High-index Lenses

These lenses are much thinner in appearance than the same power would be if a normal lens were used. They help to make strong powered lenses look thinner.


Varifocal Lenses

Many people need different glasses for distance or reading. Instead of having two pairs of glasses it is possible to incorporate them into one using Bifocals or Varifocals. Bifocals have vision for near and far and the lens has a line on it. Varifocals gradually change power from distance to near. They have no line and have an intermediate area of vision as well as distance and near vision.


Scratch-resistant Lenses

As the name suggests this is an extra layer on the lens that makes the surface more robust. Although it does not make the lens anti-scratch, it does help in reducing scratches.

Scratch resistant lenses


Photochromatic Lenses

These are lenses that react and change colour to the amount of U.V. light present in the atmosphere. The lens normally will have a slight tint when indoors and darken when outside. They are very good for people with eyes that are sensitive to light. The tints are generally grey or brown. They work well for people who wear their glasses full time as the work as their everyday glasses and as sunglasses. They are especially useful as a spare pair of glasses for summer and for holidays.


Important considerations

When choosing your prescription frames or sunglasses frames you should consider the practicality and frequency of use as well as how the frame complements your lifestyle and your looks including your facial shape. While fashion considerations are probably the most topical and important to you when you are deciding on a pair of frames, there are some practical matters that should be considered when deciding on a frame to suit you.

The frame should be appropriate for your eyesight and your unique prescription type of lenses they are going to hold. If you are getting bifocals, the vertical length dimension of the lenses must be large enough to fit both the distance and near section of your lens. If you have a strong prescription, you should choose a frame with a smaller lens, as the larger a lens is the considerably thicker and heavier it becomes. A fine, delicate frame is not appropriate for high prescriptions, as it will have difficulty supporting thicker lenses. When fitting a frame to your face it should sit comfortably still and not slide down your nose, it doesn’t matter how good your frames look if you spend all your time adjusting them and sliding them up and down your nose.

Examples of some of our brands are pictured above. We are happy for you to come in and browse at our range.



Some lens brands we use:







Prescription and Non-prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays as well as protecting us from glare when out and about walking, cycling or driving. A must have for some sporting activities; sunglasses provide that extra protection as well as that slight advantage we need when we have some sun. We stock a wide range of prescription and non- prescription sunglasses at a range of prices. They all have UV protection and are available in polarized option. They are available in single vision lenses, bifocal and varifocal options.

For non- prescription sunglasses we supply the Maui-Jim, Bolle, Face A Face, Woow, Zeal and Brendel, with UV protection, anti -reflection coating superior polarized lens with subtle mirrored back- surface.

Most of the above are suitable for prescription sunglasses.



Polarized Sunglasses

These are sunglasses but have an extra layer which reduces the glaring effect of plane-polarised light. These work very well for drivers and people who spend a lot of time on or by water (i.e. fishermen or sailors).



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