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children's glasses

Children's Eyecare


Looking After Young Eyes

Assessment of children can reveal problems at a young age many of which respond well to early treatment such as spectacles, patching or referral for further assessment. We welcome children from 3 years old and upwards. It is vital that your child’s vision is looked after as much of a child’s learning is visual. Weak vision needs to be corrected early in life otherwise a child may be left with a permanent lazy eye.

Myopia Control

miyosmart myopia control

Marian Carton Opticians are pleased to announce we now fit innovative spectacle lenses with DIMS technology by Hoya, called MiyoSmart. These lenses reduce the progression of childhood myopia.

How do they work?

Hoya has created a unique design of spectacle lens with “defocus incorporated multiple segments” (DIMS). These lenses change the focus of light that hits the periphery of the eye and retina compared to standard lenses. This effect of “defocus” on the peripheral retina was found to reduce the rate of progression by reducing the growth rate of the eye.

The first peer-reviewed study was performed between summer 2014 and 2017. This proved that children who are short-sighted progressed 52% less when wearing these specialised lenses compared to those wearing normal/traditional spectacle lenses. This means there was half the change compared to children wearing regular lenses. This will make a huge impact on a child over the years when they are prone to significant change, usually to the age of 21.

We can also supply Stellest lenses from Essilor, and Cooper Vision Mi Sight daily disposable contact lenses for myopia control.

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Spectacle Frames For Children

Marian Carton Opticians have a wide range of children’s frames. Getting the right fit of your child’s glasses is essential to ensure they are well fitting and comfortable. It is important that the frame sits on the child’s nose and that they are not able to look over the top of the frame.

Spectacle Lenses

We can advise if standard lenses will be suitable for your child’s glasses. We can advise on options to make lenses thinner if required.

kid with sports frames

Sports Vision

Many children actively participate in sport. For this reason we supply prescription goggles for swimming, football and soccer.

Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable contact lenses are now available in almost every prescription and we teach children how to insert and remove them. This is a great way to start wearing contact lenses and this works well for under hurling helmet.



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